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3120 Switch Stack Upgrade

Andrew Hernandez


I've been reading through examples on how to use the stack configuration and how upgrades are supposed to auto-magically upgrade when a member has a different IOS version than than stack master.  Am I doing something wrong in thinking the master should just need the auto-upgrade enabled and maybe the download-sw (path to IOS.bin file) in the config file?

So far I've tried to force the download by the copy-sw command which did not do anything, no logs nor did it try to move it over.  I can reload a switch and see it try to download, errors below.  Is there something I'm missing or just leaving out in the master switch config maybe?

Master Switch IOS version: cbs31x0-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE9.bin

Members IOS version: cbs31x0-universal-mz.122-50.SE3

*Jan  2 19:40:46.951: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_DOWNLOAD_SW_INITIATED: Auto-download-software process initiated for switch numbe
r(s) 2, 3
*Jan  2 19:41:06.161: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_DOWNLOAD_SW:
*Jan  2 19:41:06.161: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_DOWNLOAD_SW: Upgrading system(s) 2, 3
*Jan  2 19:41:06.161: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_DOWNLOAD_SW: examining image...
*Jan  2 19:41:06.161: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_DOWNLOAD_SW: %Tar checksum error in flash:cbs31x0-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE9.bin
*Jan  2 19:41:06.161: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_DOWNLOAD_SW: %Error opening flash:update/info (No such file or directory)
*Jan  2 19:41:06.161: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_DOWNLOAD_SW: ERROR: Image is not a valid IOS image archive.
*Jan  2 19:41:06.161: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_DOWNLOAD_SW: Software was not downloaded or
*Jan  2 19:41:06.161: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_DOWNLOAD_SW: installed
*Jan  2 19:41:06.161: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW_INITIATED: Auto-copy-software process initiated for switch number(s) 2,
*Jan  2 19:41:06.329: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW:
*Jan  2 19:41:06.329: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW: Searching for stack member to act
*Jan  2 19:41:06.329: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW: as software donor...
*Jan  2 19:41:06.329: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_COPY_SW: Software was not copied
*Jan  2 19:41:06.329: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW_INITIATED: Auto-advise-software process initiated for switch number(s)
 2, 3
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW:
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW:
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: Systems with incompatible software
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: have been added to the stack.  The
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: software running on all of the stack
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: members has been scanned, and it has
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: been determined that the stack can be
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: repaired by issuing the following
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: command(s):
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW:
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW:     archive copy-sw /force-reload /overwrite /dest 1 2
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW:
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: Note that this operation
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: will temporarily interrupt
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW: network operation.
*Jan  2 19:41:06.530: %IMAGEMGR-6-AUTO_ADVISE_SW:



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Accepted Solutions