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3750 Switch Stack image upgrade



I have to upgrade 3750 Stack switch ( Stack of 7 Switches ) , switches are on Remote Site , i have done it locally but since Switches are on remote site and once i will reboot the Switches i will be disconnect by the time Switches come up successfully .


any suggestion to perform this activity ………………





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Re: 3750 Switch Stack image upgrade

Hi there,

Seven switches, that is a lot of access switchports to leave swinging in the breeze! :)


My only recommendation would be to use the universal TAR file. Verify the MD5 hash and use the archive download-sw command to ensure it is installed on each switch correctly.


Keep i mind that if you are jumping from 12.x to 15.x there will be numerous microcode upgrades to complete during bootup. It will take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to complete.


Good luck.




Hall of Fame Guru

Re: 3750 Switch Stack image upgrade

Whao. Stack of 7.
That's not going to be easy, especially when the stack has an uptime >1 year. At times it will look like the stack has "crashed" because there is no response for >20 minutes.
When doing the upgrade, run a continuous ping.
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Re: 3750 Switch Stack image upgrade

Ideally, you would have someone on-hand at the remote site and/or some form of remote console access too.

BTW, I recall (?) there might be microcode upgrades within the same IOS main version train. (I.e., it might not be limited to just jumping from 12.x to 15.x.) If you do encounter a microcode upgrade, they do (much) extend the upgrade (and down) time. Further, if you don't have console access, I've bumped into microcode upgrades that have failed, but 3750 rebooted "fine". Seemed to work fine too, but only way to "see" such a failure was from console messages during upgrade. (Mine was caused by insufficient flash space to expand a microcode package for installation.)
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