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3850 16.x.x Code Recommendation

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Level 1

I was looking to see if anyone has had any luck with 16.x.x code. Due to EoL announcements we had to move to 16.x code and I have now been on 16.3.5b, 16.3.6, and 16.3.7 and have had issues with PoE. Each time TAC has advised to upgrade to the next revision and we did 2-3 weeks of testing on 3 switch stacks and did not see issues, but within a month or two we begin to see IP phones stop working and either bouncing the port or moving it to a different port corrects the issue. So does anyone run a 16.x code that has been stable for more than 3 months without PoE issues?

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Go with either 16.3.7 or 16.6.4.
If you're going with 16.6.4, don't forget to install the SMU.
Currently testing 16.6.4.

IMPORTANTDon't forget to take the time and read the Release Notes.

I have tried 16.3.7 and am beginning to see more PoE issues like we had in 16.3.5b and 16.3.6. I will download 16.6.4 and see how that goes.


I ended up pushing out 16.6.4a and so far the switches with this code have been working fine, so I am going to move forward with this code for the rest of our enterprise.

Thanks for letting us know.
I had some problems with some IP phones on 16.4.4a on the 3650 platform, and switched back to 16.3.7.

Please keep us updated if you run into any problems.

The MOSFET PoE error should be fixed in 16.3.7?
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