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3850/3650 Denali code not logging debugs to syslog

I am in need of running debug for a long time (several days).  I found where the new Denali code uses set platform software trace commands for debug of RADIUS and dot1x.  Did the set commands, and can see debug messages via show platform software trace command.  However, I cannot get those messages to log to a syslog server.   I can get the "classic debug" for debug cdp to log to syslog, but not the set commands messages. 


TAC is working with me, but am hoping someone in the community can get me an answer sooner.  


1) Does the new set commands support logging to syslog?

2) Is there a command that needs to be used to get the set platform command messages to log to syslog?




Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert

It appears that you can only trace to a local file:

Location of Tracelogs

Each process uses btrace infrastructure to log its trace messages. When a process is active, the corresponding in-memory tracelog is found in the directory /tmp/<FRU>/trace/, where <FRU> refers to the location where the process is running (rp, fp, or cc).

When a tracelog file has reached the maximum file size limit allowed for the process, or if the process ends, it gets rotated into the following directory:

  • /crashinfo/tracelogs, if the crashinfo: partition is available on the switch

  • /harddisk/tracelogs, if the crashinfo: partition is not available on the switch

The tracelog files are compressed before being stored in the directory.


Thanks Reza Sharifi for the link.  Sort of what I had found before opening a TAC case.   TAC keeps asking for more data, but has not come back saying that it is not possible to log to syslog.  Somewhere I found something about a 25 log compressed limit and there was a hard limit of 1 meg for the "running" logs before they are compress and filed.   The "request platform software trace archive ...... target" does not allow for an "off device" target such as FTP/TFTP/SCP etc. at least on the code we are running.     But I also see with the TAC case that this command is in flux with different versions of IOS.


Link to limits, on page 2 under "tracelog size limit and rotation policy":