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9606 quad sup replacement


recently had an in chassis standby sup fail and be replaced via our support contractors,


Can I confirm with the community that replacement is literally remove failed unit and install the new one? I stumbled across the following. documentation and the last thing I want to do is cause a potential outage.

Have to say I wasn't expecting such a caveat on this sort of kit, on an access layer catalyst stack it doesn't matter what code is on a replacement it just updates it to what the stack is running automatically.

  • If the new supervisor is running on 16.x code, or if you are unsure of the code it is running on, try to insert the supervisor on a spare chassis and get it upgraded to 17.x code. If there is no spare chassis to upgrade, the below steps have to be followed.
  • This step is very important. Insert the ICS supervisor and use Ctrl+C to break them to rommon.If you miss to break into ROMMON and supervisor boots up on 16.x code, this could take down the complete chassis where the supervisor was inserted

As an aside, who genuinely has a spare chassis lying around

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