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a few questions..

Is a 3750 sw capable of handling full routing tables and what can you recommend in a small mutihomed BGP router or switch capable of handling full routing tables?


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a few questions..

Hello there,

Well the IOS on the 3750 is capable of supporting BGP. But the 3750 TCAM surly cannot handle a full routing table of the internet since its nearly about 500K entries now , One solution is to ask your provider to advertise just  the default route to the switches. I do not think there will be any performance issue running such type of setup on the 3750.

But if you need the full internet routing table from both providers check the 7201 Cisco router it has

1 GB of DRAM memory by default and you can upgrade it to 2 GB this will run perfectly for your deployment

Please refer the below link for more information

Hope it will help

Ahmed Sonba

VIP Expert

a few questions..


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No, a 3750 isn't really suitable for dealing with full Internet routing tables.

Dealing with managing multiple full Internet routing tables can slow a software router that otherwise can handle the link capacity.  In other words, you may need a more powerful device to deal with the Internet route table processing.

I've found, if you use OER/PfR, with default routes, you can obtain better performance than classical Internet BGP multi-homing while reducing performance requirements of the router.  Since you didn't mention the bandwidth you'll be supporting, unable to recommend a specific router.

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