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ACL and Wildcard


Wildcard defaulting to the first value in the range of the wildcard and not allowing for any other value.


The default value of 0 in the third octet worked, but no other value worked with the ACL rule in place. The wildcard mask should have allowed for all values (0 - 255).


Can anyone explain to me why this is happening on my Cisco 9300 switch

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MHM Cisco World
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I need to see the ACL statement line you enter. 

And expected packet and expected results.

Also helpful is describing specific switch model, specific IOS being used and feature license(s).


The above is the command used

...check my comment 


I think you dont understand fully. the network range that i want to come across is 12.0.X.22 so the third octet will be the only one to change. I think I kinda know what the error is, and why that traffic cannot traverse the network.

The ACL should be written 

permit IP

That should allow that intresting traffic to come through. right now it is written permit which is not doing anything or allowing anything.

check my comment ...

Ah, finally some additional information.

Yes, you can write an ACL ACE such as permit IP, but will it provide the results you desire?

That ACL should match:

Is that the results you desire and if so, not obtaining?

If your looking for the network prefix that would be: 

permit IP 12.0.<0..255>.<0..255> (as also described by @MHM Cisco World )

I am looking for the


and i am not obtaining it.

Ok then, post the actual ACL, in full, actual interface(s) config(s), src and dest packet IPs and expected flow for traffic through interface(s).

I can not post all that. 

Ok, no problem.

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