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We are having issues with saving configurations on a stack of three 3750X switches. When issuing a wr mem command, the following messages appear: nv_done: unable to open "flash:/config.text.new"nv_done: unable to open "flash:/private-config.text.new"...

GlennF by Level 1
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Hello,When enabling storm control with action " SNMP Trap" does this restrict broadcast traffic and send an SNMP trap when the broadcast threshold is exceeded, or does it only send an SNMP trap and still allow broadcast traffic to pass?Cheers,

Hi All, Wanted to confirm on whether the below mentioned switches would support   IPsec VPN configuration for configuring a VPN tunnel between 2 sites??1. Cisco SG220-26P Small & mid-size organization Business Switches Have checked the data sheets fo...

I have ran into a printer issue on one of my VLANs. I have new printers I am trying to put on a printer VLAN(VLAN 320) I created. This Printer VLAN currently has active printers on it with no issues. The VLAN is not full and it doesn't have a ACL on ...

TyIT by Level 1
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HiWhat is the difference between Client end-points under operational tab in EPG sections vs VRF section of APIC GUI ? 

M1Shukla by Level 1
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Dear Sir,i have one cisco 4300 router. router interface details: GE 0/0/0 , GE 0/0/1 , GE 0/0/2.SP1: current configuration with one ISP only (i want STATI...

Resolved! vss cisco

Hello I have a question about configuration VSS for two switch layer 3 : why number of port channel for two switch are differents ??exmple:  interface port-channel1 ( switch 1)interface port-channel2 ( switch 2)like  portchannel normal ( same numero ...

I have a 6807 VSS core switch, and connected to that core are 2 IDF switches which are 4506.  The 10Gig ports on the sups of the 4506 are set up as a port channel, one leg goes back to one module on the VSS and the other to the secondary. One 6807-45...

I have a 3750G switch that is booting, but is booting up garbage when it boots up. I can not boot to prompt or even configure the switch. I was working before I turned it off and used it at another site. Now I have a switch that turns on and fully bo...