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switch 9200 to controller cisco

Hello I have switch SMC connect with controller Cisco in port 34 :interface ethernet 1/34switchport allowed vlan add 1 untaggedswitchport native vlan 1switchport mode trunkswitchport allowed vlan add 1,7 tagged VLAN 1 : Vlan managment //// VLAN 7 vla...

vlan L3 switch

we have only 45-50 users on the premises so can I config VLAN ??Are these beneficial or not? per VLAN how many hosts should be there or minimum no of hosts should be in VLAN you recommend ??

Samaj0101 by Beginner
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Question about Router GUI

Hi there. Im using packet 7.3.0Im kind of new to cisco packet tracer and i have one questions.Why some of the settings in GUI for HomeRouter-PT-AC are disabled(For example in the red circle)? Is there any way to turn them on?


vlan l3

I have 2 networks and other use like the camera and all) I want to do VLAN in 172 network{ VLAN -2 department 1VLAN -3 department 2VLAN -4 department 3VLAN -5 department 4 }and allow only server and internet in VLAN 2,3,4...

Samaj0101 by Beginner
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Resolved! MSTP between HP Procurve and Cisco problem.

Hi guys, This should be a quite easy deployment to accomplish. I struggle to make the Procurve the root for all vlans without the cisco blocking its uplink(trunk) to the procurve. there is created mst region with same name and revision on both pro...

dmbnexdmb by Beginner
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Resolved! 3750 switch using OSPF and vlan translation? HELP

Hello everyone, I designed a network that uses 3 switches (2 2950s and one 3750) and 3 vlans (20, 21 and 22). I did inter vlan routing in that network, all users ping each other and so does the switches. I used etherchannels for all connections betwe...

Oliver42 by Beginner
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Resolved! have switch staking use cable !!!!

Hello I have a question  and i waot a reply from expert switch  If a possible to have a staking switch 9200 , without using stack cable , juste use cable RJ45  allow have a switch stacking !!!  yes or no !!!  means use cable RJ5 , have a switch staki...

Achive download-sw fails

I have a WS-C3750-24TS-S switch that I am trying to upgrade the flash files. I have downloaded a few different versions of the CatIOS with the GUI files. The transfer fails everytime. Here is the error log:Switch#archive download-sw /overwrite tft...

bretjaquish by Participant
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Copy command output to TFTP

Hello!Can anyone suggest the correct syntax and is this possible? I have a lot of switches (over 500), and I am trying on each switch to execute the "show int status" command and save the output on tftp server with the name of the switch on which the...