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Adding a 3750X to a 3750V2 stack


I have a large stack of all 3750V2 switches running ipbase code. There is no option for the universal code on these models in the download section, The 3750V2s do not support ipservices and they are only ipbase. The 3750X is also ipbase but has the universal code on it. I will change it and install the ipbase code first before joining it to the stack. My question is this.....even though the 3750V2s and the 3750X unit will all have ipbase code with web mgr and have the same code level, the code loads are not the same name. The 3750V2 model is c3750-ipbasek9-tarxxxx   versus the 3750X code of c3750e-ipbasek9-tarxxxx.

I am pretty sure it will work in the same stack since the stack version major/minor are the same. But how does the software code update work now?  Lets say I want to update the stack using the command lines such as    "archive download-sw /overwrite  etc......"    I would have one version for the 3750v2 and one version for the 3750X model. How does the switch stack load the code correctly or do I now manually have to load every switch position with the appropriate code it needs?   Same scenario for using the GUI to update the code. How does this work now that there are two code loads in the stack. Do I load each one at a time -- or is this no longer an option with mixed code loads?  I don't want to waste hours trying the scenarios to figure this out but I haven't anything that clearly explained the process in this mixed environment.

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