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i have two cisco sg300-28 switch and 3 plc  which i have connected as show in figure problem i face is not getting continous ping to plc-3 if  cut cable from switch A---->plc-1 it will take 35 second to choose route via switch Bvice versa if cut B---...

As far as I know, in a Dual Nexus 5k environment, w/c are configured for vPC. EvPC is available for FEX to be dual homed, one connection type to each of the Nexus switches. Such as the image below.  BUT, but but but, as the documentation goes, Nexus ...

Hi buddies,There were tow 6513 switches connected through a trunk link over a port-channel link named po1.There were multiple Vlans that were allowed on this link and for all of these Vlans there were an interface Vlan. all of IP addresses of theses ...

I'm looking for info on replacing a failed sup720-3b module that was in standby. I'm presuming the IOS will have to be loaded prior to installing or would redundancy SSO sync the active config & operating system across once the new card goes in?

Hi,Could somebody tell me what acls are hidden behind macro - "spanning-tree bpdufilter enable" (Catalyst WS-C4948E, IOS ver cat4500e-entservices-mz.122-54.SG1.bin) I had some problems in my network because this macro didn't filter dst mac 01:80:c2:0...