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adding a new switch to the network....configuring internet access

Hey guys i need some help!

I am trying to set up my first switch. I am using the catalyst 2950 for learning on. 

The network im on right now (the one with internet) has the following settings. 


The one i am learning on i connect to it by going to this will allow me into it using the Cisco Network Assistant.

I have a laptop on port 1 using Vlan1 and i have Desktop on port 24 with vlan 1 and i have a cable from our 10.22.227 network pluged into port 23

I am able to see the computers and i can share files on it. What i dont understand being a noob is why i dont have any internet on ether computer. 

I have setup up port 23 as a switch. 


It seams like to me i would have to give the switch a ip address a subnet mask a default gatway and a dns of the 10.22.227 network on port 23.


Can some one throw some light on the subject and point me in a good direction?

de fl

You will need to assign a default gateway at the very least.  Can you ping any host outside your switch?  

@de fl

If i go to a computer on the 10. network i can ping and go out and do everything i need to. 

But if i try and ping with in the new switch (192) it does not work. I have added an ip address and a default gateway I have added a screen show on how our network is set up. 


To me i think i need to add a ip address subnet mask and default gateway to the switch for the new switch to work. 

How is the 192 switch physically connected to the other switch?

it goes from 192 to a unmanaged switch to to 10. switch 

Do you have access to the unmanaged switch?  If not, can you connect a port on the 192 switch directly to a port on the 10 switch?

Yes the unmanaged switch is sitting on my desk along with the 192 switch. The 10. switch i have access to but i have no controls over the functions or routing of that switch. 

You would need to connect the unmanaged switch to the 10 switch, configure that port as an access port and assign it the correct vlan, and make the default gateway the same gateway as your PC.  Do the same for the 192 switch.

Ok let me try this out and i will post my findings when im done