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HiI've started studying for the CCNA and used Packet Tracer today to build a network and play with the features.I've attached a screenshot of the area where I found a problem and I was hoping for some help to trouble shoot it.The issue is I can’t' pi...

Lassek by Level 1
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I need to route traffic that is sourced from network down link 1. Currently all traffic goes down Link 2. I want all traffic except network to still use Link 2 as primary. What would be the best approach a static route for the 10....

isdollsm1 by Level 1
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I just bought a bunch of 3850 switches but am having a problem getting them to recognize the SFP module. When I insert the module I get the following error:*Jun 10 05:39:29.019 EDT: %PLATFORM_PM-6-MODULE_ERRDISABLE: The inserted SFP module with inter...

I need to upgrade Cisco 2960S Stackable IOS this week. But before I want to know what is the process used. HSP_TRSF_SWPB_E3#show processes cpu | include HULC  54           0         1          0  0.00%  0.00%  0.00%   0 HULC ACL Tcam Me  63          ...

Hi AllI have recently had an issue at one of my customers where they lost a site due to an ASR failing encryption after a key reload but HSRP failed to direct traffic to through the other ASR until I powered the failing device off.can HSRP be configu...

Davej3157 by Level 1
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Resolved! PBR question

I have an existing route map on my core that matches incoming traffic on a particular subnet and sets its next hop. That's all working as expected.I now have a requirement to match another subnet and if it is destined for the subnet above, allow it t...

Hi All, Simple question. I have two switches connected via 1Gb link. They are running rapid pvstp. The layer 2 topology is the one below depicted.I now need to upgrade the connection with a 10Gb link, keeping the 1 Gb link for backup. My question is:...

I'm trying to decide between uplinking a pair of stacked C2960S switches that are part of a Hyper-V cluster environment to a C3560X switch OR just connect the Hyper-V hosts directly to the C3560X.Here's some background of the environment:- Hyper-V 20...

I'm getting interface resets on one of my switches. and the reset happens to all interfaces.Does this indicate that I have a hardware issue. I do have some strange network traffic problems from the devices that are using this switch and subnet. 

jasonw by Level 1
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Dear All,I have a site-to-site connection  from point A to point B. From point B i am unable to access the internet from local internet provider.I am trying to ping from the dns   but i receive the  message "destination net unrea...