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ADSL interface flaps

I have a customer issue with the ATM and Di1 interfaces keep flapping and when I looked at the log it says Configured from console by mypwd on vty0 


I have attached the log below:


.Apr 8 16:03:20.055 AEST: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Dialer1, changed state to administratively down
.Apr 8 16:03:20.079 AEST: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface ATM0/2/0, changed state to administratively down
.Apr 8 16:03:21.079 AEST: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface ATM0/2/0, changed state to down
.Apr 8 16:03:27.999 AEST: %TRACKING-5-STATE: 2 interface Di1 ip routing Up->Down
.Apr 8 16:03:28.707 AEST: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by mypwd on vty0 (EEM:bounce_interface_no_shut)


I have checked the upstream provider and they do not see any issues over the link. Please help


HI Mark,

I could only see default-router and router eigrp

couldn't see static IPs

I have raised this concern with our upstream provider and waiting for their feedback.


i would like to see the full config exactly what its doing , if you dont want to post it in the forum you can send it to me on PM
I just want to be sure theres not something setting this off from the confg on your end

Ok lovely thanks for that much clearer now
These commands below are redundant and can be removed now or the EEM can be added back in again so they work the option is yours but let me explain quickly what its doing , this is what it was doing , when the ATM failed the first track would bounce the ATM link to try bring back the WAN interface , the second track would do the same after a delay too , the 3rd track would be to reload the router when ATM is down again which sometimes can trigger the link to come back up when ADSL so its not bad practice to have that in place

We checked your interface already and they were clean so the issue is with the ISP side somewhere the path upstream is dropping causing your link to drop , you need to keep on them and provide all the logs and times its drops over the last week get them to sort ut out , i dont think the issue is on our end after reviewing everything

Either you can remove these or add the EEM script back in from ten first post
track 1 interface Dialer1 ip routing
delay down 30
track 2 interface Dialer1 ip routing
delay down 40
track 3 interface Dialer1 ip routing
delay down 180

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Hi Mark,

Carrier technician fixed the line fault at the exchange (fixed the jumpering at the MDF that was damaged due to corrosion )

Thanks for your help and support all this while.


Great stuff glad its sorted