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ADSL problem with 12.4(15)T12 on 877 router


I am starting this discussion because I don't have a service agreement with Cisco and I bought (as a private) an 877 with advanced ip services to connect from home through ADSL.

The router works fine and I have a nice zone based firewall in place, but it keeps reconnecting and renegotiating the adsl link.

The company from which I bought the router says that I will be charged costs if the product is free from defects and I return it for repair.

It would be great if someone from Cisco could confirm that there is a bug with the modem firmware before i send it back for repair.

It would be even greater if someone from Cisco could provide a free firmware update for the modem. I understand that installing the firmware is pretty straightforward.

If I send back the router (it is still under warranty) I might end up paying charges and getting the router back as it is, since the defect is very difficult to spot ( reconnects once or twice a day). I can confirm that my ADSL line is decent and that standard consumer models (Linksys, Sitecom) do not renegotiate the link once it is up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I found some firmware at

versions: 3-0-33 slightly newer than mine

              4-10-9 way newer but file is very small (is it an incomplete one because i don't have enough privileges?)

Any suggestions on which is better ?

I am located in Italy at this time

Probably i will end up tweaking my modem with "service internal" commands if that works and will focus on creating a kron job or EEM script to reboot automatically on a daily basis.when i don't need the connection.

My line has been tested by a guy who said it's fine, and apparently my cheap modems like it too.

Another point might be that i need to earth my shielded ethernet cables with a custom earth plug. The 877's ac/dc adapter isn't earthed.

I will try to post back to give my solution if i ever find one.

One easy one that I would like to avoid is chaining the 877 to a pure modem and keeping only three ports for the internal network.

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You have to give more detail about your problem,

Give us also sh run/ver.


Hicham Azarou



kindly post your show dsl interface atm0 output. your DSL signal might be out of specs (attenuation, noise, etc). you might want ask your SP to do an onsite physical line check.

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