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Are SFP ports Gigabit or TenGigabit?


At work, we usually install new Catalyst C9300 switches and insert SFP GLC-TE, and sometimes the listed port is Te1/1/1, but sometimes the listed port is G1/1/1, why is that difference?

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Flavio Miranda

The port you added the SFP is Te1/1/X...all the rest is G1/1/X. Giga means 1 Gigabit  and Te is 10 Giga bit


Thanks, I know the difference between Gig and TenG but I am still confused.


I mean, on some switches we insert the GLC-TE, then the T1/1/1 comes up, but sometimes the G1/1/1 comes up... I'm talking about the same model of switches.

GLC-TE is always 1Gig. If you see it in a 10Gig interface, and it is up and running, that port is still functioning as 1Gig.


Flavio Miranda

I never plugged A ten giga sfp in a device and see as giga. This is new for me. 

Joseph W. Doherty
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Hall of Fame Master

Cannot say for sure for the C9300, but on some other older Catalyst switches, SFP+ ports has both gig and 10g ports for the same physical port.  I.e., it looks like two physical ports, but there's only one.  Which you configure, depends on whether you install a SFP or SFP+ optical transceiver.

Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend

@ccnaluna93 wrote:

why is that difference?

In the past, the ports only appear only when an optics is inserted.  For example, if a GLC-SX-MM is inserted, the port Gi1/1/1 to Gi 1/1/8 will appear and can be configured.  If a SFP-10G-SR is in inserted, Ten 1/1/1 to Ten1/1/8 will appear and Gi 1/1/1 to Gi 1/1/8 will disappear. 

This change was only introduced after customers could not "pre-provision" the ports if the NM nor the optics is not enabled.  

To some degree, it makes sense but it can also be confusing because now, any optics, regards of 1- or 10 Gbps, is now "Ten". 

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