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Bad baudrate on 2960

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Hi, I tried to upgrade a cisco switch 2960 while transfering the OS by XMODEM (baudrate: 115200) but when I did it I forget to set back the baudrate to 9600 before booting on the new flash. Have you got any ideas for setting it back? I tried to go back to rommon but it didn't work, thanks.

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Are you connecting at 9600 or 115200?

Follow the rommon procedure. Hold the mode button down when powering on the switch for 15 secs. Connect via console to the switch using 9600 baud rate if you see jibberish try reconnecting using 115200 baud rate. You should be able to get back into rommon and change the baud rate back to 9600.

Hi, thanks for your answer. I had follow this procedure but when I set the baudrate back to 9600 it's work but when I go back to the normal mode this is like the rommon doesn't saved the setting so I have to go back to 115200

You can use multiple baud rates , it doesn't really matter whether its set as 9600 or 115200 both are supported , is this causing other issues for you other than not being default baudrate ? 

This may help you could try this if you haven't already seems to be case sensitive

Thank you for your answer I will look at this!
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