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Bandwidth Restriction : Limiting

Hello Sir,

I have voice Bandwidth on  Cisco Router 7200 and catalyst 3750.

Now i want to sell some BW ( 15MB ) to any cleint. Can you please explain how to do that .

We have ethernet connectvity with my cleint.

How i restrict client to 15MB. Will i have to form any VLAn or just port limit with bandwidth and which is better way?

Please guide . Thanks



Dan-Ciprian Cicioiu
Rising star

Hi Bilal,

If you connect your client to the 3750 , you can configure 2 policy-maps in order to police the traffic in both directions :

policy-map CLIENT-IN

  class class-default

    police rate 15000000

policy-map CLIENT-OUT

  class class-default

    police rate 15000000

int gi1/0/1

service-policy in CLIENT-IN

service-policy out CLIENT-OUT


Hi Dan,

Why we are not using srr bandwidth queue command on Gig port where client is connected?

and where can we do routing for client as we have give 16 chunk of ips to client with 15MB bandwidth, ?

routing on 7200 or 3750 ?

Please explain a bit more complete scenario.



Hi Bilal,

"Srr bandwidth limit" is used to set the bandwidth limit only for the egress queues ( traffic going to the client/host connected to that port ).

The routing depends on your current setup, you can do it both on 7200 or 3750 , technincally speaking because both support routing. If the 3750 is now used only as a layer 2 switch , then 7200 is your answer. If the 3750 is used also to do routing for your clients you can use it. The difference is that with 7200 you will use subinterfaces, and on 3750 you will use SVIs.


Hi Dan,

Please also tell me if i want to create any Vlan for this activity or its simply done with policy maps, and if vlan voice or simple.

Simply i have to sell /16 ips to my client with 15MB voice bandwidth so that he can use it for voice traffic.



Those are details related to your selling products and also the client's will which I suppose was discussed before the contract.

Usually when a internet service provider 'gives' you Xmb of traffic, it will police your traffic in order to ensure that there is no excess rate. I do not know if this is your case.


Dear Dan,

When i created a policy then what to give normal burst bytes and maximum burst bytes

is this Ok

    police  15000000 1875000 exceed-action drop

*15000000 / 8 = 1875000

Please guide.



and also :

LHR-3750(config-if)#service-policy in CLIENT-IN

LHR-3750(config-if)#service-policy out CLIENT-OUT

police command is not supported for this interface

Configuration failed!

Warning: Assigning a policy map to the output side of an interface not supported


Hi Bilal,

It seams that appling a service-policy on egress is not supported on 3750.

Where did you configured the L3 interfaces for the client on 3750 or on 7200 ?

With the limitation of 3750 you can :

  - if the L3 is on 7200 you can apply the service-polices on the (sub)interfaces

  - if the L3 is on 3750 , you can stick with service-policy in + srr bandwidth limit .