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Can ping the gateway but not the hosts on a newly created VLAN


I am trying to change the VLAN tag on a vlan on one of my core switches.  Currently the network is vlan 5 and i need to change it to vlan 7.   The subnet with remain the same.  

During a maintenance window, I shut down the vlan 5 layer 2 and the vlan interface layer 3,  then i created the interface vlan 7 with the same subnet at vlan 5 and created the layer 2 vlan 7.  

The vlan goes though a switch to get to the edge switch that the host is connected to.  I can ping the gateway of the vlan 7 i created from the switch in the middle and the switch on the other edge (3 switches involved total: core, middle switch, and edge where host is) but when i put the interface on the edge switch that the host is connected to I cannot ping the host from the core, middle, or even the edge switch that the host is attached to.  

IProuting is turned on with all switches, and the vlan 7 is allowed across all interconnecting trunks.

I am attaching a diagram to help show it better.  


Any help is appreciated!

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is the Host belong to VLAN 5 before, after changing VLAN 7, did you change the access port VLAN 5 to VLAN 7 ?


post the 3560  show run, show ip arp what post host connected? what is the IP of the host?

Also suggest to clear arp table,


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The gw in pc have mac address of old vlan you need to make pc arp again new mac for same gw


That would make sense since I changed the switchport access vlan to 7 on the port of the host.
To what would I type to clear the arp or the MAC on the interface(s) for the host? Clear arp? Clear arp interface? Clear mac?

You can try this

#clear arp-cache ?
A.B.C.D     IP address
interface   Clear the entire ARP cache on the interface
vrf            Clear entries for a VPN Routing/Forwarding instance

on which switch would i run this on, the core switch that the vlan 7 is on, or the edge switch that the host is on.


Also i notice when i do a show vlan I only see vlan 7 on the core switch on the list, not on the switch in between the core and the edge and not on the edge switch.


i also ran clear arp-cache int gi0/47 and no change.

Kindly share Layer 3 connected port configuration.

And post @balaji.bandi mention command output.

Pc windows,

arp -d

make pc refresh the arp table” if you use same GW ip”


Just out of curiosity, could you ping the host when it was in VLAN-5 prior to changing to VLAN-7?

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