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Hi all, How can we check if we need to upgrade the power controller on N5K-C5548UP ? Now it runs nx-os 6.0(2)N2(3) and according to the table I can upgrade it to 7.0(7)N1(1) without interrupting the service - Nondisruptive upgrade (ISSU) The reason i...

varlotbolt by Beginner
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Hi,Is there a command where I can see all the possible OSPF routes to a destination AND it's metric?I know I can use the "show ip ospf database...". But I will get the link states and would have to calculate myself.Also if I use "show ip route" I wil...

guibarati by Enthusiast
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Uptime for this control processor is 15 weeks, 21 hours, 56 minutesSystem returned to ROM by reloadSystem image file is "flash:packages.conf"Last reload reason: Critical software exception, check crashinfo:crashinfo_RP_00_00_20200106-134413-UTC How t...

mmendis by Beginner
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If a cisco 9500 switch and WLC 9800-40 have different etherchannel load balance methods, will the mismatch cause errors or performance issues? Etherchannels are configured in PAgP mode: switch#show etherchannel load-balanceEtherChannel Load-Balancing...

Bahman by Beginner
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I'm having an issue with identifying the traffic load on Vlan interface on my N9k FX2 (specifically C93360YC-FX2).. Show interface Vlan XXX displays with the traffic shown as :- ucast: 0 pkts, 0 bytes. Please can someone explain if this is expected b...

r.aneeshc by Beginner
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Hi all, I want to set static MAC addresses between my two catalyst switches 9200: SW-1                                           SW-2g1/0/10 <-------trunk------- >g1/0/20 Because this is trunk port and it caries VLANs 10,20,30,35,40 should I configur...

Kenny_M8 by Beginner
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Hi, We have a customer running some very old software 12.2(55)SE7 on 2960's.We are facing multiple bugs within this release such as a TACACS single-connection problem. Next to this, we are not able to ssh anymore, because the vty lines are not given ...

I just have PO nexus switch for network environment and have go in GNS3 and EVE-NG to lab and get the following error.On switch I configure inter-vlan routing. Configure access-list to filter traffic between LAN. The problem is when I tried to filter...

ratha chum by Beginner
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