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Can't ping windows servers in different VLANs through SG 200-50 switch


Last week I installed a new router (2911) in my network.

We had to create two different VLANs for the new setup to work as wanted.

I have a Windows 2008 R2 which is a Domain Controller for Active Directory on the ip address

That server (HP DL180 G6) has two NICs. One has the above IP address and the other one has

On the other VLAN, I have a server, running the same OS, that I want to re-join, as it formerly was, the AD on the first server ( This server has the new IP address

All these are connected to a Cisco switch SG 200-50 Gigabit Smart Switch. That one is connected to a Cisco 2911 router.

The problem is that, once the old got to be, the can't ping it anymore... At least not all the time... Sometime it works, sometimes not... Neither can't the 10.194 ping the 0.195 all the time. When one way works the other one doesn't... When one pings the other one successfully, the other one can't...

Please let me know if I was clear enough.

The Cisco engineer that assisted me with the new router said the problem might be with the Cisco switch not being in full duplex...

Did someone else have this issue ?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Alessio Andreoli

Hi Dan,

i didn't really get if you enabled inter-vlan routing on the 2911....


Hello there,


Since in that same VLAN 10 I also have a web server, that is able to be accessed just fine from LAN and WAN as well, i'd say yes, the inter-vlan routing is enabled, at least on the router.

I have interface g0/0 and g0/2 (this one has g0/2.10) of the Cisco 2911 router connected to the Cisco SG 200-50 switch and g0/1 connected to the ISP device and having the WAN IP.

Thanks for your reply.

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Anyone ?

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Hello Dan, my apoligies if I don't understand you well.

The SG200 switch is a L2 switch, therefore it doesn't really look at IP at all. In fact, the management IP in terms of networking is not relevant.

Any requests made through the switch will be routing to the router. If there is a local request from Subnet A to Subnet B, the request will hit the router then route back down to Subnet B.

With this being said, the switch needs to have the VLAN configured. Additionally, the uplink connecting to the router should native vlan untag, additional vlan tagged.

The one thing odd that you said, sometimes things work, sometimes things don't or it can be one way? This is very odd behavior. Typically it works or it doesn't not much in between.

This may be a spanning tree related issue, can be a bridge id, possibly a bpdu message on a port or simply a port fast issue.

-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

Hello and thanks for your answer.

The subnets are the same... There is only VLAN1 and VLAN10.

Everything works perfect on a different machine in VLAN 10... Reminding that there are two machines in VLAN10: 10.38 (linux web server) and 10.194 (this trouble maker windows 2008 r2).

I will probably try today with another one in VLAN10 just to see if it works or not. Will let you know.


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