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Can 'Trunk' port have multiple native vlans?


Hello Engineers,


I was wondering that one interface port which is configured to 'Trunk' can have multiple native vlans.1.PNG

If L3 interface port has native vlan 2 and same to L2 switch port, it can communicate each other. (Same native VLAN =2)

Is it possible to adding one more native vlan for both interface ports? ex) add native vlan 3, so both ports have native vlan 2,3



Thank you for your response.

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Richard Burts
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Hall of Fame Guru

No it is not possible to have multiple native vlans in a trunk. A trunk can have multiple vlans that are tagged but can have only a single vlan that is native (that is not tagged).



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what is the use case here to have 2 Native VLAN ?



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Martin L
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VIP Advisor


you can configure only 1 single native vlan per a single trunk link. Latest native vlan x command will override previous native vlan Y command.  So, it's not possible to have multiple native vlans on a single trunk link. But You can have different native vlans on different links between switches; they must match on the same single trunk link between sw A and sw B. Traffic in those native vlans will be blocked.

Note that you can configure switch A native vlan X and switch B in native vlan B and trunk will work for other vlans.  Switches will complain that you have so called " native vlans mismatch"  on a single p2p trunk. Here, in this case, traffic in vlan A and B will not be OK but all Other Traffic in other vlans will be OK. 

So, You can have different native vlans on different links between switches.  i.e. swtich A to B natvie vlan X and sw A to sw C has native vlan Y will be ok. Depends on vlan configs, some traffic will be ok; show interface trunk and show spanning vlan x


Regards, ML
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