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Cannot ping 254 VLAN/subnet


One of my switches SW03 (1.33) is unable to ping anything in the 254 subnet/VLAN. when I do a sh arp I see numerous subnets coming in from my Gig1/1/2 interface which connects to my to SW00 switch.  The guy before me setup this up in a odd way where that interface has a 1.33 address (configured no switch port) and the port on the other side is configured to vlan 255 (subnet 1.0).  I have 2 other interfaces (Gig1/1/1 & Gigi 1/1/14) that appear to be trunking all vlans to include 254 but sh arp shows everything is coming in through Gig1/1/2

When I traceroute to *.*.254.1, 254.9 or others I get a route that sends me to other access switches (*.*.1.38) which confounds me.

I would think when you do a sh arp you should be able to ping any of the addresses in that arp table?

I did a sh spanning-tree blocked ports and shows me VLAN0001,131,139,155,255 blocked on gi1/1/1 (SW04), but that should not be affecting anything right?

This switch has no routing statements in it so it is acting as a layer 2.

Any extra tips or commands would be appreciated at this point.


Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert Hall of Fame Expert
Hall of Fame Expert

If the switch is working as a layer-2 device, all you need is an SVI with IP address for the management vlan and a default-gateway to the next hop router.

So, if sw03 IP address is 1.33 and it is in vlan 255 (management) as long as this vlan is added to the trunk, all you need is a default-gateway



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