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Catalyst 9300 console port not recognized (USB-UART or USB-RJ45)

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Hello there,
My company gave me a switch catalyst 9300 24P, as it is not new I want to return it to its default settings. I tried to connect using the front console port but my computer does not recognize it as a cisco device (but the cable connection is detected by the device manager). Same thing for the serial console port in the back. There is no way I can get a console for the switch using the ports and I do not have any IP to try to ssh to. I tried to use physical buttons methods when powering on without success for now.

edit : already tried multiple pc/cables, working on another switch but not this one

Does anyone have an idea of how I can recover the switch from this ?
Thank you in advance.

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Accepted Solutions
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Hello @ARCenBois ,

for this kind of situations, you need to access the switch using the console port. Try a different console cable and/or a different PC.

Once you have access to the console of the switch, use the steps described here:

Hope this helps.

Regards, LG
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Hello, I tried with 3 different laptops (win10 and win11) and same number of cables.
I finally find a way to access it via ssh (provisioning it with the cdnac) but I still cannot access it via console port.
It may be linked to the pc drivers...
Thanks for the help, still not resolved

Leo Laohoo
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Use a different PC.

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