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Cisco 1801 router integrated into home network.

Hi All,

I came accross a Cisco 1801 router. As I understand it supposed to work with a dsl connection for internet access and configuration. I have cable internet access at home and since cisco routers are very versatile, I want to know if I can integrate this router into my home network, as a secondary router, and use it for its SSL vpn capabilities? Thanks.


hi andy,

if the cisco router has two lan ports then this should work.

you would have to forward the ssl port (should be 443) from router1(the router which is connected to the internet) to the lan1 ip of the cisco router and the cisco would terminate the vpn connection.

if the vpn connection is established you should be able to communicate with devices in the second lan segment of the cisco router.

sol all the devices you want to connect to via ssl vpn would need to be in lan2.

you also would need static routes or a dyn. routing protocol in place.

if you work with static routes you would need a "default route" on the cisco pointing to router1 and on router1 you would need a static route for lan2 pointing to the cisco.



Thanks flokki123, this router only has one fast ethernet port, see pic below. Do you think it will work?

hi andy,

with this router you have a wan side and a lan side.

both sides have a rj45 ethernet port, the lan side even 8 of them.

you can also use the wan side for this setup.

just give each side an appropriate ip address and then set it up like mentioned above.

never configured the above secenario with a cisco router, but with routers from other brands, but i think it should also work with this cisco.

if you have further questions let me know and i will try to help you.


Thanks flokki123, I am very green when it comes to cisco routers and configuring them. So let me ask you:

1. Which is the wan port and can I connect directly to cable modem and configure for internet?

2.  If not how/where do I start to learn how to configure as per what you are suggesting?


hi andy,

the 1801 should have an adsl port built in and thus i dont think you can connect a cable modem to it.

for more info check out this link:

if you really want to learn how to configure cisco equipment then you should consider reading a book, for instance a cisco ccna book as there you will learn the basics you need to know about cisco.

if its just about this specific router then check out the configuration guide:


Thanks flokki123

One last question. You mentioned that the router had a wan port. Is that the dsl port that you are talking about? If not which one is it and what can i connect it to? Thanks.

hi andy,

your router has a build-in dsl-port and thus this is seen as the wan-port for this router.

on other devices you have a wan port that looks like a lan port(rj-45) and between this port and the lan ports routing happens. this would also be the port for connecting your modem to.


Thanks flokki123, you've been lots of help.

hi andy,

no worries. iam glad if i could a little bit.


The device in the photo above has *both* a Fast Ethernet WAN port and an ADSL WAN port. The one marked with yellow and the text will say something like f 0 or 0, that is the Ethernet WAN port. FastEthernet0 is the WAN interface, FastEthernet1~9 are the built-in switch (the LAN side).

The port on the left marked orange is an ISDN S/T port, the port on the far-left marked light-purple is the ADSL (over POTS) WAN port.

The ADSL, Fast Ethernet and ISDN WAN ports can be actively used. You can loadbalance over the links or use one of them as a backup. This device is compatible with a cable modem (you should use the Fast Ethernet 0 port to connect that one).


Hi Andy,

If your cable internet has a router/modem then you should have 4 switch ports on that router to connect you PCs. Use one of those ports to connect to the FastEthernet/Ethernet on the 1801 router and attach PCs to those 4 ports in the middle of 1801, then go ahead and configure vpn access on the router.

Your may need to change some settings on the cable modem/router, but should work.

Hope this helps you in some way