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Cisco 3750 Switch Stacking - Cabling Method

Simple question, prob already know the answer but I want to be sure...

Does it matter as far as performance and/or redundancy if you connect the switches via the stacking cables in a crossed fashion with one link connecting the top and bottom switch or straight down like it is shown in the Cisco Switch Stacking documentation?

This way:


or like this?


The documentation is not real clear on this.  I have always crossed them 1 -2 , etc... but I have been wrong before!


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Joseph W. Doherty
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Technically (as far as I know), it doesn't matter.

The second/bottom diagram is just more "tidy".  (BTW, I also know of no good reason to number the stack members as shown in your second/bottom diagram, i.e. top unit #2, then #1, #3 and #4.  It's contrary to expectations.  Might just as well, for just a stack of 4, use the first four prime numbers too. )

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