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Hi,I am attempting to upgrade the line cards in my 6503 switch.How do I find out what version of line card firmware I am currently running ?Also, does anyone know if there is a good paper on upgrading all aspects of a 6500 ... i.e, IOS, ROMs (msfc & ...

mcroft by Level 1
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hi all,does anyone encountered this problem ?there   was this router cisco 815 that i consoled. i cannot go into its  priviledge mode. even typing enable still cant go to its # mode. whats  the problem with this router? how am i able to fix it? its i...

Hi , I m getting below error messages in show logs - Aug 12  15:30:57.127 IST: %ENVIRONMENT-3-RPS_FAILED: Faulty internal power supply  detected   Aug 12 15:31:02.175  IST: %ENVIRONMENT-3-RPS_FAILED: Faulty internal power supply detected   Aug  12 15...

Hi, I have an issue with a customers 6503 with Sup-2T cards, where we are locked out of the console due to an authentication configuration error. So tried several times to get the card into rommon, with no success. Checking through the various docume...

aacole by Level 5
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Hi,An enterprise has two links to the internet at two different sites (same city, low latency between them) to the same service provider running BGP. There is a firewall at each site. The topology at each site is Firewall -> Border-Router -> PE  and ...

rick505d3 by Level 1
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Attempting to trunk an Avaya POE switch to a Cisco 3750X switch. Here's the Cisco port config:interface GigabitEthernet3/0/48switchport access vlan 89switchport trunk encapsulation dot1qswitchport mode trunkspanning-tree portfastend Cannot PING Avaya...

Resolved! Access Switches

HelloTransparent mode Vs Client mode which mode is recommended for access switchesAny template from cisco for access switch configuration covering needed securitythanksST

Good afternoon,I have a problem with 2 links (1 Gbps each) that form a PorthChannel (2 switches, one at each end). We are paying to a carrier for those links.The problem is that sometimes one of the 2 links starts flapping (flappings of 1 or two seco...

lichu6444 by Level 1
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Hi, in IOS I remmeber there was a way to find out to which NTP server you are associated with. We could do "show ntp associations", BUT would like to know what is the equivalent for that in NXOS. I can do "show run ntp" that will show me all my relat...