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Resolved! %C4K_HWPORTMAN-4-BLOCKEDTXQUEUE: Blocked transmit queue HwTxQId0 on Switch Phyport 7

HI~i get this log, i don't know whick port is "Phyport 7"?? Can help me?thx~                   Oct  5 07:32:18.009 CTT: %C4K_HWPORTMAN-4-BLOCKEDTXQUEUE: Blocked transmit queue HwTxQId0 on Switch Phyport 7, count=1F12ASVR-4507-1#sh modChassis Type : W...

huang.jeff by Beginner
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Dual homing a server vPC to two FEXs

Hi all,I have 2 N7010's in vPC topology running NX-OS 6.0.1 with some N2Ks attahced. I brought up a server today connected it via vPC to 2 FEXs and all seems to be working normally except while I was configuring the vPC I had some users report that t...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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TCAM portions, ACL portion,

Hi everybodyTcam is divided into different portions ; each portion then stores a database   . For example, Fib portion holds fib data structure; ACl portion stores acl.Let focus on ACL portion.My switching book says   each unique mask ( that includes...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Switch 3550 - snmp

Hello people, we are running a 3550 in no switchport (routing mode), assigning a different ip addreses to different ports, with that we want to know if possible to read with a snmp client the traffic on that IP/Port, somebody can help with that?thank...

crdusainc by Beginner
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Resolved! CISCO 4507R-E Switch

Hi,We are using CISCO 4507R-E switch as our core/distribution switch. Out of the 7 available slots, 3 are currently being used. Descriptions is as follows:       Slot 1: 6 Port Fiber Line Card       Slot 2: 6 Port Fiber Line Card       Slot 3: Superv...

ASA 5500 - IP Directed Broadcast - Wake on Lan

Hello Everybody,Do somebody now how to configure the ASA 5500 with "Directed Broadcast" for Wake of lan from other networksegment. we want pass traffic from network to DMZ Network to turn on the server with Wake on Lan.I re...

smartnet by Beginner
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Multicast between VLAN's

Hello all,I have Panasonic projectors in one subnet and laptops in another subnet. I'm not able to reach the projectors from the laptops via the Panasonic Wireless Manager. I can ping them, but that's it. I'm suspecting some kind of multicast issue. ...

shamg1974 by Beginner
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3110x stack in IBM bladecenter chassis

Hi allI have 4x 3110x switches in a Bladecenter H chassis and the stack cables are connected so that they are in a circle (IE, SW1 connects to SW2, SW2 connects to SW3, SW3 to SW4 and SW4 to SW1). Each of the switches physical 10GE port is trunked to...

Resolved! CEF implementation,routers and switches

Hi everybodyCisco switches complie FIB table and adjacency table in TCAM. Is there any switch which does not use TCAM for fib and adjacency table?Cisco high end routers also use TCAM to compile FIB and adjacency table. There are some routers which do...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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WE got our ESXi servers recently moved from a 6513 to nexus 2000 FEXs uplinked to a nexus 5000sbasicall we have enhanced vPC and nics goin to 2 different FEXs and they uplink to 2 nexus 5000.the Vswitch for VMs is setup in a VPC. Question is do the t...

Dragomir by Beginner
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Catalyst 3750X is caching Tacacs password or not asking for password.

Hello,the following information before:Switch:  WS-C3750X-48P   (Stack with 2 Members)IOS:      12.2(58)SE2Lic:       IPBASEK9uptime:  rebooted this nightSwitch Ports Model              SW Version            SW Image------ ----- -----              --...

sbreuercc by Beginner
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Resolved! VTT threshold recommended values

Hi everybody,I am seeing this VTT enviroment values (extracted with the command show environment alarm threshold) in 3 7600 differents boxes.VTT 1 OK: OK  threshold #1 for VTT 1 OK:    (sensor value != 0 ) is system minor alarmVTT 1 outlet temperatur...

887W two ssid routing between VLAN

Hi, I created a second VLAN and a second SSID. My problem is that from a PC on the native VLAN 1 I can ping the IP of VLAN 2 but I cannot ping any other device that has connected to the second SSID.How do I get routing to work between t...

mgregory by Beginner
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