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Cisco 6509 E

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Hi everyone,

I would like to buy two Cisco 6509 E switches and enable the VSS on them so i can use them both as one switch for redundancy purposes. my question is what types of SUP i should order and what are there PIDs and also my other question is can i install two SUPs on one switch so i get double redundancy between SUPs and two chassis???

also i want to have 24X10gig ethernet ports modules PID


i would really appreciate if any one could answer my questions.

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

I don't think the 6509E is the right solution nowadays.  

A lot of the supervisor cards and line cards for the 6500E have already been end-of-sale.  The 6500E has been superseded by the 6807/6880/6840.  

Another reason why you want to look at the newer models is the cost of maintenance.  The maintenance cost for end-of-sale products are more expensive if it was not EoS.  

Thanks For the reply, can you tell what models are the alternate to 6509-E with support of VSS and dual sup?

6807/6880/6840 supports VSS. 

6807 is the only one that can support dual supervisor card and quad card VSS.  

I would also like to warn that Cisco may announce, in 2 years time, that the 6807/6880/6840 will be replaced by the Catalyst 9500.  

Great product, can you tell me what SUP models to buy with this switch?

Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
I'm not disagreeing with what Leo is recommending, about the issues using a 6500, but just FYI, you need a VS-S720 or Sup2T in them to support VSS. With the "correct" IOS version, yes, you can have dual sups in each chassis while running VSS.

Also BTW, if you're looking for L2 redundancy, rather than VSS, you might also look into the Nexus series and its vPC technology.

For either, if your not very conversant with VSS or vPC technologies, you might want to learn more about them before deciding to deploy them. They both have some usage considerations.
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