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I have two 3560s that are trunked together with five vlans allowed.  Each vlan is assigned an IP address.  Ping works between the two 3560s for each vlan.  There is an identical setup for two 3650s and ping works.  But if the trunk is between a 3560 ...

failingrw by Beginner
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Hi Team, I have a cisco 1841 runnning with "c1841-advsecurityk9-mz.124-8.bin" and for the same router Failover mechanism is working fine but some time both Ip sec status as showing as up up insted of up and delete status.Please suggest on the above,

Robo123 by Beginner
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I am trying ot trunk 2 switches at 1000mb.  The 1st is a Cisco 3650 and the latter a Netgear M4100-50G.  I can only get the link to work with both sides set to "Auto", and they only negotiate at 100mb.  My WAN provider has a couple of Cisco 3560 link...

mojogar by Beginner
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Hiı have 2000 swtich 10 vlan cctv iphone,access card,printer,client computer.I have for cctv camera mac address so ı wanto be one time all cctv camera all mac adress change our switch vlan.How ı do? Our 2500 cctv camera one time all camera all switch...

Hi all...After (extensive) struggling to configure a site-to-site VPN with my LTE router, I have decided that for home use, I will go ahead and use a far simpler "USG"one click in a gui cloud assisted solution.. however, I am really enjoying the LTE ...

NoExpert by Beginner
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My existing network is running out of ip's and were wanting to add some new ip cameras. We simply can't make the switch to a 10. address pool at this time so I would like to utilize an old Cisco 2811 router as an interim fix for the time...

two networks.jpg

Hi Team,We created one temporary fabrix extender for some servers,Now we are removing that fex but When i remove FEX getting like below error.Nexus 5K# no fex xxxERROR: Error: Fabric ports exist for this FEX.Please let me know what is the procedure f...

Hello all, I am currently having issue with Cisco 7931 phones not getting any IP which is located in their workshop (It's a donga and located 20 meters from main office). Here is the scenario:VLAN 1 - 192.168.28.x/24VLAN 100 - 10.2.1.x/24In the main ...


We are looking at deploying a new product that requires a SPAN port to listen to and capture all traffic on a switch. I currently have a 4500x as my core switch and have two span session defined. I currently have 32 VLANs defined. monitor session 1 ...

bberry by Beginner
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hi would you please check this serials ?FNS17041MG7 FNS17041MFM FNS17041976 related cisco GigabitEthernet Transceiver Module GLC-LH-SM GigabitEthernet Transceiver Module GLC-LH-SMoriginal or fack ?are these oem ?please help methank you