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Cisco 9500 Stack breaking and reassamling

Darnitsa Admin

Hello, community. 
The point is. We have Cisco 9500 Stack (C9500-48Y4C) connected via two HundredGig Links (using Twinax cables). 
Now we need to relocate one of the nodes to another building but we still need to keep stack configured. 
After relocating it's supposed to connect the stack via four 10Gbit links. 
The question is: How to break the stack on 100Gbit links correctly and reassamble it via 10Gbits links. Will the startup config be spoiled? 
Was here on community any questions  like that?  

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OK, If we use 2x25Gbit/s. Will it work?

I believe so, at least I dont see any recommendation to not to on the cisco doc. The  4x10 was explicty informed. 

'The stack can be formed over a redundant 40G or 10G fiber links to ensure that the distribution or the aggregation switches can be deployed over a large distance.' 

Here mentioned that stack can be deployed over 40G or 10G fiber links. How come that answer you gave contradict this info?

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