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Cisco ACE Module 30 - IOS Upgradation Steps from A4.1.0 to A4.2.3

Hello Techies,

Could you please advice how to upgrade from A4.1.0 to A4.2.3??? Is it requires any elevation or intermediate IOS to make it to A4.2.3???

If so wat would be the intermediate version i should go with.

Appreciate your help, as am very much new to ACE. I refered some documents but even that is not so clear.



Hall of Fame Guru

The detailed steps are in the release notes.

In summary, you:

1. make sure the running-configuration is saved.

2. make a backup ("checkpoint" in ACE terms) of the configuration

3. download the new image onto the system (by the way, the ACE runs "Application Control Software", not IOS)

4. change the boot variable to point to the new image, save and reload.

If you have a redundant (FT) pair, there are a few more steps - basically reload the standby unit first, force a failover and then reload the newly standby unit.


Hi Marvin,

I have already loaded the ACE Software on to ACE module disk and i have set the boot priority. I have kept the 4.23 on boot priority 1 and 4.10 on priority 2. But when i reload the ACE module it takes back the 4.1 ACE SW Version..

I have upgraded it to 4.2 and then the tried it... but no luck. Then i have tried now with 4.2(1)a to get upgraded 4.23. But the result is same. Am not able to make this work.

Could you please help me in getting the migration steps to upgrade image to 4.23. I believe there should be some intermiediate version to elevate from 4.1 to 4.23. or the IOS must be a corrupted one.




The way to troubleshoot is to validate that your boot variable and config-register are set correctly. Compare the file name to the output of the dir image: command. Validate that the download was correct by comparing the MD5 checksum of your downloaded file with that posted on the download page.

Once all that checks out, reload again and watch the process on console. There you will be able to observe the rommon boot process and see what the ACE encounters as it attempts to boot the specified image.

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