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Cisco dhcp binding database locally saved

Hello Mr,

           I have about 200 ip phones in my network with dhcp configured on Cisco 6509-e vss system for their addressing.

I need to keep my phones on current ip leased so I decided to write the DHCP database locally and let the switch respond to DHCP requests from this local file.

so I issued the  command  #IP dhcp database flash:/dhcp.txt and it worked now I have file with the current lease.

the question is, will the switch "the dhcp server" read the file and respond to the DHCP requests according to the file contents or this will not occur.??? or this file will keep the only DHCP lease database and thats all?



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VIP Engager

the switch records the current situation and reloads the file across reboots.
afaik it is NOT a static DHCP-assignment. but as the client will request re-use of the same ip-address it has used before, it will most likely behave as static assignment.


for real static assignment you need


1.    enable

2.    configure terminal

3.    ip dhcp pool pool-name

4.    host address [mask | /prefix-length]

5.    client-identifier unique-identifier

6.    hardware-address hardware-address [protocol-type | hardware-number]

(7.    client-name name )

8.    end

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