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Communicate between VLANS on different VTP Domains

I have 5 vlans in a vtp domain called SWA.  Here are two of the vlans


Vlan 100

Vlan 200


and the SVI's


I also have dhcp pools for them and they are working properly


I have one vlan in a vtp domain called SWB.  here is the vlan and the svi


Vlan 200


I have a trunk port connected between the switches.  I have a host connected on SWB in vlan 200.  It gets an IP address from SWA, it can ping  It cannot ping a host device on SWA in vlan 100.


I cannot figure out why.  I thought I have done everything.  I understand that vlan 200 is talking across the vtp domains, but why wont the device in vlan 200 in the vtp domain SWB talk to the device on vlan 100 in SWA?


Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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Re: Communicate between VLANS on different VTP Domains

You can verify the following to troubleshoot the issue:


1) On the switch where both SVIs are configured, please make sure that one SVI can ping the other, you can test it like this , ping source, if this doesn't work then this needs to be fixed before you try anything else. 


2) Make sure both end devices can ping their default gateways (SVIs interfaces) and both end devices have default gateways configured.

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