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Configuration network Spanning Tree

Friends, when I have a network with:

1 CISCO Catalyst 3750-E (core root bridge) (Flex Uplink)
1 DELL (user network) (Connecting Edge Switches) 
1 IBM Flex (network servers)

What would be the best STP for communicating between the three?

Should the 3 switch work on the same protocol?

Mark Malone
VIP Mentor


What would be the best protocol for communicating between the three?

Do you mean what type of STP

In terms of STP they should all support RSTP


Today a configuration looks like this:

Cisco / Flex: pvst
Dell: rstp

Whenever I connect something new does not swithcs the dell try to assume as root, and I have a blink in the network.
In that case if putting Dell as PVST will solve my problem?

Either that or set the Cisco / Flex switch as RSTP. I believe there would be an issue connecting pvst (per vlan) to rstp.

I would use the same stp type alright through the network to make it easier to maintain/tshoot anyway , mixing stp types can get bit messy but pvst and rstp should be interoperable and work ok together but you wont get all the enhancements of rstp when pvst is in place too so you may have another issue there with your config rather than interoperability of vendors and stp types

Well, pvst and rstp should not have incompatibility in the communication.
What is affecting me is the drop in the network when I plug in something else on the switch where apparently it tries to elect another swtich as root.

Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame Expert

What would be the best STP for communicating between the three?

Probably MST.