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Configure from console by console



I am new to Cisco community, I am using packet tracer to learn more about Cisco, whenever I want to configure an interface or any line (console, aux, vty) I get this message "configured from console by console".

I also should mention that i tried "no logging console", this command just disable the notifications but still I cant configure anything.

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Martin L
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Try create new topology;  if you cannot configure anything on your own topology, then re-install PT. PT 7.3.0 is the latest.  there are some bugs with PT on MACs OS.  you may want to switch to Windows till bugs are fixed. 

Config term gets u into config mode; type exit to exit back to user mode and you should see system log "Configured from console by console"

if you have disabled Console logging, you should not see such message; PT is a sim with few bugs (or some commands do not exist or not working properly). Mostly PT is great tool to learn Cisco at CCNA level. 




Regards, ML
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Thanks, Note taken. BTW how did you know i was using Mac Os ?!

MAC users have mentioned about lots of issues with PT. Just try re-install PT; Alternatively, 1. use different Windows PC; Or 2. use virtual machine on MAC to use Windows and install PT there.
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