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Configuring SF300-48

Greg Maaaag

Good day!

We've got cisco sf-300-48 switch, it's actually my first management switch, i've configured cisco routers from cli but with this switch i'm stuck.

Honestly the task is simple: one wire comes from cisco 881w and all other ports should be for clients. No vlans, no acls just simple connections.

How should I do this, i connected to web interface, changed management ip's made one acl permit all but when i plug in cables traffic doesn't go throug ports...what should i do?

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Tom Watts

Hi Greg, based off your description... you don't need to do anything. By default the SX300 switch is layer 2, the IP address is for management only and there are no additional vlans. Quite frankly, you can plug the switch in the router and traffic will pass unless you have a bad wire or switch port OR the upstream device has a problem.

If for whatever reason traffic isn't passing between the router and the switch and there is zero config on the switch, you may want to check that router.

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