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current number of mac addresses in a catalyst switch

Hi to all,

i am trying to recall a show command that shows current count of mac addresses in a catalyst switch (IOS). I am not referring to command "show mac address-table) but a command that shows how many MAC addresses are active on FastEthernet 0/3 , FastEthernet 0/4 e.t.c.


I issued this command in the past but now i forgot it.


Thank you,




Re: current number of mac addresses in a catalyst switch

You have the following to find out per interface

show mac address-table interface fa0/1


Or you could use pipe to take the output from show mac address-table to the input of include and limit to interface

sh mac address-table | include Fa0/1


Finally, you have count for each VLAN

show mac address-table count



Cisco Employee

Re: current number of mac addresses in a catalyst switch

Hello, are you referring to the following command?


show interfaces GigabitEthernet X/Y/Z mac-accounting


It requires the ip accounting mac-address to be configured at interface configuration level.


And the output is like this:


router#show interfaces GigabitEthernet X/Y/Z mac-accounting
  Input(494 free) 
    0000.0c5d.92f9(58 ):  1 packets, 106 bytes, last: 4038ms ago
    0004.c059.c060(61 ):  0 packets, 0 bytes, last: 2493135ms ago
    00b0.64bc.4860(64 ):  1 packets, 106 bytes, last: 20165ms ago
    0090.f2c9.cc00(103):  12 packets, 720 bytes, last: 3117ms ago 
                  Total:  14 packets, 932 bytes 
  Output (511 free)
    0090.f2c9.cc00(103):  8 packets, 504 bytes, last: 4311ms ago 
                  Total:  8 packets, 504 bytes




Re: current number of mac addresses in a catalyst switch

Thank you all for your replies,


i was looking for a single command  to provide all this info, for example in a catalyst 4500 with 192 ports it would be easier with one command to have the concurrent MAC addresses per port.


I finally recalled the way i did it in the past, but it is not so straight forward. First step is to activate port-security on per interface basis and then issue the command show port-security.


sw1#sh port-security
Secure Port MaxSecureAddr CurrentAddr SecurityViolation Security Action
(Count) (Count) (Count)
Gi2/21 10 1 0 Shutdown
Gi2/22 10 0 0 Shutdown
Gi2/23 10 0 0 Shutdown
Gi2/24 10 1 0 Shutdown
Gi2/25 10 1 0 Shutdown


Thank you all.

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