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daisy chain question. Urgent



A simple questión..

I need to connect, by a wiring problem, 17 switch in daisy chain.

I have seen that you can configure MSTP  with 20 jumps. Besides STP and latency ,Is there any additional limitation ?. The connection of the switch will be to 1Gb fiber and design is ring.

Has anyone connected so many switch?

Sorry my bad english

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If you switches support it, you might look into REP vs. STP.

Depending on your traffic, transit switch links might be more likely to become bottlenecks.



As per Cisco best design & recommendation you need to fallow the hierarchy of Access, Distribution & Core Layer. You can use daisy chain topology also but if you use not recommended topology it will be difficult to troubleshoot (in case of you face of issue) and you cannot utilize the network properly. Unnecessary traffic will be flooded in your daisy chain network topology.

STP or RSTP you cannot use for this network topology MSTP need to verify.

Just take example SW1 is your main switch (Switch become Root Bridge & majority services) are also running, in case if your SW1 having hardware failure of topology change and SW-10 become you STP root which will decide the traffic flow of your network. And your network will be underutilized.

Thanks & Best regards

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