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Let me first apolagise if i have posted this to the wrong section.

My company is in the midst of putting together the planning for a large LAN Party to be held next year.

I need some help getting my head around what will be required network wise.

I have had a local network engineer come to me with what he and his team would require to make it happen.

I would like to know what you the actual professionals here think.

The hall is 5000 sq metres in size we are looking at roughly 3000 users all of which will need access to the LAN.

Plus we want a full powerful WIFI in the venue.

So what would be the best solution hardware wise in your opinions? Money no object.

Any suggestions grately recieved.

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That would be 63 WS-C2960-48TT-L.

And you might go for a controller (c4400)based wireless nettwork with lightweight AP's




A Hierarchical LAN network design may be need to consider. Two 4500/6500 or Stackwise3750 can be used as your distribute layer SW and provide the redundancy (100M or 1000M FX/TX Port), 3560/2960/500 can be your access layer SW with connection to the two distribution layer SWs. RSTP+ will be deployed to enhance the HA, also need to think of the Physical redundancy in this case the Distribution Layer SWs need to be hosed in two different places.


With 3000 users, you are going to need multiple VLANs to create multiple Broadcast domains.

With a 5000 sq meter area to cover, you qre going to need a heirearchical soultion to limit the number of trailing cables.

To support the WiFi you probqbly want PoE capable devices.

What power supply will be provided and have you any idea how the floorspace will be layed out?

I would look at the 6500 series as your core, but theese are physicaly large and heavy devices, and may need additional cooling. As an alternative 3750 stacks would be OK. Dual for resiliance.

Distribution should probably be 3750 devices with PoE capabilities. Dual again.

Access would probably be 2960 devices.

As this is a temporary space, a Wireless Site Survey would be impractical / impossible, so go with lightweight access points and a wireless LAN solution engine.

99% of the setup can be done in advance, with only some wireless tuning required onsite.

Think about some of the practicalities, are you going to use copper of fibre between the layers of switches? If copper some form of colour codding might be appropriate, to diferentiate use. Also think about cooling, power, physical and data security, are you going to be providing internet access do you need a firewall. Do you 100% trust your users, do you need some sort of IDS? And remember it is i,possible to think of everything, so leave a pot of time and money for the things you miss.

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