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discover message is dropped in access switch dhcp snooping

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i dont know what is the problem but im sure ive got the switch properly configured for dhcp snooping. trusted port only on the ones facing the dhcp server but the discover message is dropped by the MAIN SWITCH. attached is the packet tracer file. ITS vlan 10 on main switch. my dhcp server is configured on the router. router password is burnik. layer 3 switch password is cisco.



dhcp snoop.JPG

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indeed. I just opened the file in version 8. Could very well be a bug in the older (7.x) versions.

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I don't see the DISCOVER messages being dropped, as both the VLAN 10 clients successfully obtain an address from the DHCP server ?

can you send me the packet tracer file you have worked on? im sure that is the same as the one i have attached. did you change some config on the switch cause for me, it didnt work. it gets random IP using APIPA



here is the file. I used Packet Tracer version 8.

you did not configure anything didnt you? if so, do you think the issue could be that older version has bugs using that command? im using version 7 btw.



indeed. I just opened the file in version 8. Could very well be a bug in the older (7.x) versions.


A couple of points:

- Dont apply dhcp snooping on any L3 switch it only applicable for access switches 


- if dhcp server is on L3 switch or doesn’t reside locally then trust all trunk interconnects and uplinks to L3switch so DORA’s can traverse successfully 

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