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EIGRP Version 3

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I've looked all over Cisco's site and I can't find the answer to this.  We are having issues with EIGRP compatibility issues in our network with our ASA.  We are currently running 8.02 and I found a bug report that shows it is incompatible with EIGRP v3.  What I would like to find out is when EIGRP v3 was introduced on router and switch platforms.  Anyone know the answer to this?

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Peter Paluch
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Thomas,

I haven't heard about EIGRP version 3 either. Perhaps Donald Slice is reading this thread and can answer more - Donald, please, are you around?

In the meantime, can you post the bug ID so we can have a look on the bug description? Thank you!

Best regards,


I would like to know the difference between EIGRP Version 2 & EIGRP Version 3 . This question was asked by one of the interviewer from IBM.



the only version difference I have heard about is what is described below:


Major Revisions of the Protocol
There are two major revisions of EIGRP, versions 0 and 1. Cisco IOS versions earlier than 10.3(11), 11.0(8), and 11.1(3) run the earlier version of EIGRP.


It might be a 'trick' question where they want you to tell them that there is no such thing as a version 2 or 3 ??

As it is previously said there is no EIGRP v2 and v3... My guess is that question should be related to OSPF v2 and v3.

Regarding EIGRP support for IPv6 both clsssic and EIGRP named mode which support IPv4 and IPv6. EIGRP named mode supports address families and VRFs and bring some differences as wide metric support. All configuration is done under EIGRP process. Please check presentation - Advances in EIGRP for some details and configuration differences.

Inderdeep Singh
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Hello, Thomaslthorne

It's IOS compatibility issue that for sure. you must used ASA 9.x IOS to configure EIGRP v3.
if you learn more about this open below Cisco site link.

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