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Hi, i have a 3650 with NO password, this means no access to config menu to change password etc. When i start the switch in ROMMON the flash filesystem is in read-only mode so i can not install copy a new file to the switch dir-output xmodem[0]: (r...

Markus by Beginner
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Hi Guys, I'm Khris, and im new in cisco routers, i never been using cisco routers before and now i have to work for it because i needed to. i have cisco c887va-w-e-k9 router and its already reset to its default config. as in no configuration at all,...

Hi, I need to have POE+ (30W) on all 24 ports on Cisco 3850-24P-S. The switch by default will support 14 ports (POE+) with default 715W AC. My question is whether the switch will support POE+ on all 24 ports with dual 715W AC or 1100W AC. Does it ha...

aijaz802 by Beginner
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I've got an issue that even TAC is having trouble finding the answer to:I have a customer with a small campus.  At the main agg site, there is a stack of 3650s which also does their routing. At the smaller buildings, there are individual 3650s tied i...

I have a cisco 2911 router. One interface is connected to local head quarter network, the second one is connected to service provider internet service. I want to connect the third interface to connect it to the MPLS VPN conection provided by the serv...

d.tesfaye by Beginner
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Hi  I seeing logging mac address flapping on core switch You can see to connectivity my network in the below. [no AP]-----------Sw[A]---trunk----Core Switch-----trunk---SW[B]------trunk------Sw[C]----->AP-----> NotebooK This's logging in core swi...

I'm currently trying to upgrade IOS on a 2911 router. It seems like there is no any IOS for 2911 these days on the Internet... rommon 1 > dir flash:           File size                                Checksum              File name 3466848 bytes (0x...

ohforce55 by Beginner
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All, I'm currently deploying a large quantity of 4221's for a customer to their branch locations. They have 16.4.1 preloaded but that particular release has been deferred. Any recommendations on a stable IOS release? Thanks. Best.

IE5000 running 15.2(4)EA5 How do I actually use the cos to dscp mappings? When I configure "match ip dscp 46 32", it's not displayed in the running config. I have configured a table-map but how do I apply it? table-map cos-dscp-tablemapmap from 0 t...

Trying to add extended ACL to 881 router getting Incomplete command at the end. If I ? it just returns all the options I have already selected. At a loss to whats going on here is it a bug or am I missing something really obvious? Router881(config-ex...