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Excluding traffic from shaping?

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Recently found out MPLS PE routers (Cisco GSRs) do not support weighted fair queuing.  Provider suggests putting a shaper mactching the WAN speed as an output policy on the LAN inteface on our CE router (managed by us) if we wanted to use weighted fair queuing.  On our LAN interface however, we have "ip wccp redirect in" for our WAAS appliance.  When we shape outbound on the LAN interface it is also shaping down the GRE flow for the WCCP redirect.  Is it possible to exclude the GRE traffic between the router and WAAS appliance from being shaped?

Config snippet attached for reference.



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Joseph W. Doherty
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Most likely possible.  Might be as easy as defining a class in your parent policy for your GRE traffic.

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