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Failed CCNP TSHOOT 300-135 exam, advice needed


Need advice, very badly...


Failed twice in row 300-135 exam. the first time, computer problems, multiple ones, but in the end center personel made it work (in a certain fashion). 1 question was wrong, device with the problem did not correspond with the problem on a ticket. lost over half my time just re-checking, wondering what did i miss, until in the end selected the right problem on the device that was shown (not the correct one according the scenario by the way), commented it and went forward. understandably, i failed, arrived at question 18, and saw i had only 2 minutes. tried even completting by barely reading... impossible to finish... i barely got past 2 other questions if i remember correctly (and i read fast, when i am in a speedy mode, when in need or i like what i read i can go to almost 1 a4 page per minute, or even a bit more). natyrally i failed...

second time, same center (my mistake at going to the same center, i thought they were controlled, or even cared about everything functioning perfectly... sorry, probably still very angry).

exam crashed at the start of the exam. center personel reloaded the exam.. got to the 4-rth question (it was a sim)... crashed again.. they reloaded it again. then everything appeared to work...until i saw the score report, the most strange one i ever saw for the second time:

Network Principles 100%
Layer 2 Technologies 50%
Layer 3 Technologies 100%
VPN technologies 50%
Infrastructure Security 100%
Infrastructure Services 100%

i am certain about the sims, i remember well 3 selection questions with 1 alternative only from which i am certain 2 i got right, and i know i got 1  wrong, i have not checked simulating it but reasoning now, i think i got just that one wrong. the other selection question(s) i dont remember well, though i am certain i got them right, and also judging from category percentage i must have gotten them right.

I opened a case to they asked me to provide information, which i provided, and now i am waiting.


Any advice, besides never to go again to same center (even is very near, and i already have got 2 exams in said center, route and switch)?

also, anyone knows timeframe about cases ?

If support finds the case in my favor, need i repeat same exam or will they just correct the results of the exam (i hope they just correct the score, i am really unfocused after this history, i took ccna r&s, ccna security, ccnp route and switch the first time and fail twice with tshoot, especially after reading hard and working with both real hardware and 15 years or so of working experience as IT)? this is very unsettling

need i do again same exam, or will support if finding the case in my favor


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