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Fiber-optic Catalyst switch

Can someone please

Help me by recommending which catalyst switch that supports 12 fiber-optic ports I have to buy?

Thanks very much

Best Regards

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I believe all but the 3560E-12D could satisfy that requirement.

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The decision about which switch to buy depends on its use. You have to know:

1.) What is its purpose? Is it an access switch for users? An access switch for servers? is it a distribution layer switch? Etc...

2.) How many connections must it support?

3.) What kind of connections must it support?

4.) Does it have to be a Cisco switch?

These are just a few of the questions.

To answer your question, there are several Cisco switches that support 12 fiber connections. We would need a lot more info to determine a good switch for you.



Hi Vctor ,

This swicth I need will support 12 fiber-optic connections and 1 ethernet connection , it must be a cisco switch and it will work at distribution layer ...

Thanks very much



Joseph W. Doherty
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You didn't note whether the fiber was for 100, gig or 10 gig.

Both chassis switches, 4500 and 6500, have line cards that support fiber connections.

For standalone switches that support 12 fiber ports (or more), choices are more limited.

There's the 3560E-12D, 3560E-12SD and the new 4900M.

All the foregoing differ in their performance capabilities. The 3560E-12D isn't true wire rate, the 3560E-12SD is. The 4900M and the two chassis series vary based on what's loaded into the switch.

Thanks very much for your prompt reply...

actually I need a catalyst switch with a dual purpose supporting 12 fiber connection and 1 FastEthernet port .

Thanks again ...

I believe all but the 3560E-12D could satisfy that requirement.

Done some reading you guys saved me a lotta work Thanks a lot !!!

Keep it up


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