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Firmware update 9606R


I have updated my other Cisco 9300 switches, but am a bit confused on how to even select the right firmware for my Cisco 9606R Core.
If I run sh ver it displays the following:
Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 17.09.01
Cisco IOS Software [Cupertino], Catalyst L3 Switch Software (CAT9K_IOSXE), Version 17.9.1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc8)

Running the sh platform shows that all the slots are in 17.8.1r[FC1].

At the Cisco Software Download page I am not sure which to select nor how to properly apply the update.

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You are aleardy on 17.9.1 - what version you looking to Upgrade, and what is the reason of upgrade.

when you want to upgrade  always look for satable version or you upgrade due to bugs.



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Need to get to the latest stable version to comply with outstanding CVEs. The latest version installed on the 9300 is 17.9.4a. Would this same version work?

The exact same firmware file for the 9300 is compatible with the 9400, 9500 and 9600.

And there are two ways to update the firmware of a 9400, 9500 and 9600: 

1.  In Install Mode (recommended), unpack the package files now and reboot immediately (Cisco recommended); or
2.  In Install Mode (recommended), unpack the package files now and reboot at a later time/date

Leo Laohoo
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@Rick001 wrote:

The "r" I have highlighted above signifies the ROMMON version. 

The Supervisor card is running 17.9.1. 


@Rick001 wrote:
but am a bit confused on how to even select the right firmware for my Cisco 9606R Core

Cisco no longer tests their codes.  It is all up to paying customers to test the firmware -- So choose wisely. 

Final question:  What is your plan to upgrade the firmware?  Do you want to reboot the 9600 immediately or would you prefer to reboot the 9600 at a later time/date?

Would I need to update the supervisor cards seperatley? 

What version is recommended?

I prefer to manually restart. 

@Rick001 wrote:
I prefer to manually restart. 

I have documented a process called NSFW+one-hit-wonder.  I call it "NSFW" because this process is, for a lack for a better term, a "hack" and it is not condone (nor recognized) by Cisco.  I call it "one-hit-wonder" because I am going to combine the unpacking (of the package files), activate and commit in one line of command.  

The main objective of this NSFW+one-hit-wonder is to allow me (or anyone) to reboot routers, switches &/or WLC at a later time/date, which is something the Cisco-recommended process does not will never accommodate.  

Read it.  Understand it.  

Any questions?  Just ask.

One-Hit-Wonder IOS-XE Upgrade (PUBLIC).pdf

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