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Needing a little help here please. I have inherited a C3650-48PQ switch that was running as a core switch. I am trying to clear configs on it and initialize it as a standalone switch in a lab environment.So far I have been able to remove vlan.dat and...

Derickt by Beginner
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Hi people!I'm starting my CCENT and I'm stuck with DHCP relay. I'm following a CCENT certification course from LinkedIn. I have also Packet Tracer 7.3 and I can't make a switch to take any IP on Vlan 1, following step by step instructions in the cour...

GIVEN: 9300: vlan 8 SVI= , #no shut9300(config-if)# do sh int vlan 8Vlan8 is down (VLAN/BD is down), line protocol is down, autostate enabled.Symptom: "line protocol is down"I expect the reason is in the below solution, but I don't underst...

Hello,Is it possible to use hsrp and stack at the same time?We have a core switch which is a stack of 4 switchesWe would like to add a second stack for redundancy.2 stacks in 2 different buildings with 9300 switches.With hsrp in between ( active / st...

abtt-39 by Beginner
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Hello, it's my first time posting here and I will very much appreciate your kind response guys. I was just wondering how does a switch handle untagged traffic? If an untagged tragfic from a vlan passed through a trunk going to another switch, will th...

Hi Nexus9300 has security vulnerability issue based on Qualys report. Please see the below. Looks like the issue is related with cipher and ssh. I tried to find commands to change it. but I cannot find it. Anyone has suggestion for this issue? Thank ...

Leftz by Enthusiast
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Hello, I ask you to understand where the high drops come from on a channel port of two 10G interfaces Port-channel105 is up, line protocol is up (connected) Hardware is EtherChannel, address is cc7f.7603.8527 (bia cc7f.7603.8527)Description: XXXMTU 9...

jds5 by Beginner
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Resolved! Trunking issues

Trunk setting Hey can somebody tell me what's wrong with my trunk setting and by the way I have the same settings on switch 2 as well but the traffic is not passing between the SW1 and SW2.Thank you in advance. 

Screenshot 2023-03-17 092737.png
lazmird by Beginner
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