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Flow control receive on

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Could any one please let me know what is the actual function of the switchport command   "flowcontrol receive on/off/desired"    

Thanks and regards


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Arumugam Muthaiah
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jegan,

Flow control is a feature defined in the IEEE 802.3x specification, enabling a receiving device to signal congestion to a sending device, which allows for the sending device to temporarily halt transmission, alleviating congestion at the receiving device

  • Flow control— Some Fast Ethernet devices support flow control, where devices can send pause frames, which instruct the remote end to stop sending data for a specific period of time.

  • Flow control— Flow control is important for gigabit Ethernet connections, where it is reasonable for the receive buffers on a gigabit interface to become full due to the high speeds of data transfer, causing congestion on the interface

Flow-control administration. Possible settings:

  1. On indicates the local port requires the far end to send flow control.
  2. Off indicates the local port does not allow the far end to send flow control.
  3. Desired indicates the local end allows the far end to send flow control.




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Thanks arumugam

I've a packet loss and high latency, when I try to ping management interface on the switch Cisco 2950, however if a try to ping another access vlan on the same switch the ping and latency are ok.

Ping toward management interface on the other switches on the topology no problem.

So betwen switch Cisco 4500 x Cisco 2960, I've a command "flow control" on the Port-channel. Is it possíble to be the problem ?


switchport mode trunk
switchport nonegotiate
flowcontrol receive on
spanning-tree guard loop


Cisco 2960. There is drop packet history, but no increasing constantly packet drop:


Cisco 2950 no has high cpu or memory issue. tech-support seems to be ok

Cisco 2950 Trtl errors and Ignored packets


| Cisco 4500  | 
          | |GigabiEthernet


          | |Gig         |----(2960)---> NO Packet Loss, high latency Mgmt Inteface
+-----------+ --            +-----------+
|  Cisco 2960 | +-------+|  Cisco 3560  | ------------->NO Packet Loss, high latency Mgmt Inteface
+-----------+Gig x Gig   +-----------+               

          |  Gig

          |  Gig                 
| Cisco 2950  | ------------->Packet Loss, high latency Mgmt Inteface

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