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Hierarchical Model


if you was to design a Gaming LAN for a company which include 4 groups of 12,24,36,48 and they were going to play each other in both LAN game and Online game( no matter what game)

How much average bandwidth would you think is necessary?( as a general. there is no more information about it)

what type of switches for game servers in access layer and what kind of switches in distribution and core layer would you reckon is good?

if you want to put a layer 3 switch in core layer how would the hierarchical network be connected to Internet? (Becuase if I wanted to add a router to the model, the hierarchical model would be more than 3 layers)


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Lei Tian
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I dont have much experience with the new games. My experience for LAN game was playing age of empire and counter strike. My experience for network requirement of LAN game is low, typical campus design is good enough. For access layer switch, new model of 2960 or 3750, depends on the features that you need. The layer 2, layer 3 boundary is on distribution layer, if you have rack space, use 4500 modular chassis with sup7e or sup8. That switch can give you enough port counts for future growth. If you dont have the rack space, 4948M or 4500X is good option, but you may need consider add another layer for future growth.

For internet connection, depends on the features and bandwidth requirement, you can consider ISR G2 or ASR1K.


Lei Tian

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