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Home network with ASA; DLNA issue

Hello all,

I apologize if this isn't the correct forum for this post; I wasn't sure where else to post.

In summary:  I have a PS3 that will not detect my virtualized DLNA media server. 

Everything is on the same subnet (  My ASA5505 is my gateway.  The one questionable part is that this topology is spread out over my house in three different rooms.  I'm using Belkin's Ethernet over Powerline adapter (AV500) to connect the rooms and haven't experienced any major issues using them (yet).

The two Linksys WRT54G's I'm using are mainly for AP's.  They're in Routed mode (not Gateway) and pretty much just have Wireless settings configured.  DHCP lives on the ASA.

When I go to the Playstation3 and do "Search for media servers..." nothing is ever detected.  Yet I can bring up my phone and see, access, and watch the media server while connected to the wireless radio that the PS3 is physically connected.  The media server (.92) can ping the PS3 (.155 dhcp) no problem.

Am I missing something concerning DLNA and my setup?

Any tips will be greatly appreciated.



Did you resolve your problem?

This is very interesting as I have the same exact setup.  I am currently looking into the fix and will report back when I find it.


Unfortunately I was never able to get this fully functioning with the PS3.  If I recall correctly, I was running PS3 Media Server on a virtualized Windows7 machine.  The PS3 could never detect the PS3MS' DLNA functionality.  My only assumption is that it's either a bug with the PS3 not recognizing PS3MS' DLNA UPnP Multicast; it was frustrating.

Since this, I've changed my setup a bit:
I now run Plex via the plugin on FreeNAS (highly recommend).
No longer use the PS3, I now use the Plex application on my Samsung TV or Roku (or iPhone, etc).
Plus some network hardware changes.

Sorry I don't have the solution for your setup, but my setup now has been working flawlessly for over six months.  I highly recommend Plex.  It also supports DLNA in case the PS3 doesn't have the Plex app.

Hope this helps!