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How can I set L3 mode on C6500 switch

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Level 1

Hi guys,

This is KJ.

I'd like to get a helping hand from you.

How can I set L3 mode on C6500 switch ?

Actually, I tested vlans using C6509.

There are a Line card and a supervisor in C6509.

2 vlans(vlan 10 and vlan 20) set in a line card(Port 1-10 vlan 10, Port 11-20 vlan 20) 

vlans can't communicate each other because C6509 is L2 mode now.

I'll use supervisor interface port as wan port.

In case of C3650 or C3850 switches, "ip routing" command can transfer L3 mode switch.

And also vlan 10 and 20 can communicate with each other because C3650 or C3850 is L3 switch.

But In case of C6509, "ip routing" command is not supported.

So, still vlan 10 and 20 can't communicate now.

How can I configure L3 mode in C6509 ?

Have a nice day

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Mark Malone
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


sounds like your running a layer 2 license only , you need to purchase layer 3 with your 6500

what's the show license .... command show you ?

what supervisor is running on the module

Hi Mark,

supervisor is WS-SUP720-3B

license is also Advanced IP Service.


so first ip routing cannot be disabled on a sup720 from what I remember ,  you an check by trying ot turn it off, with no ip routing should give you an error message

so when you go into config mode and type below , does it give you options to enable like bgp as a test just to check the layer 3 is working as if you cant somethings wrong if your using advIP license

(conft) router ?

whats the line card your using in the chassis  and are the vlans up/up can you ping between vlan interfaces ?

Thank you for your answer.

You mean that sup720 is not supported ip rouing command, right ?   

I'll test tomorrow about options.

Line card is "WS-X6748-GE-TX"

The vlan interface is also up/up and ping is also working well in same vlans.

You mean that sup720 is not supported ip rouing command, right ?   

No I mean you cant disable routing its always on by default

2. the fact you can ping between your vlan interfaces proves intervlan layer 3 routing is working , so what exactly is not working as you said vlan 10 and 20 cant communicate ? can you ping between vlan 10 and vlan 20 interface ip addresses ok ?

Thank you for your answer.

2. can you ping between vlan 10 and vlan 20 interface ip addresses ok ?

-> No, It can't ping each other.

I mean only same vlan can ping each other(vlan 10 interfaces).


ip routing is enabled by default on the 6500 series.

Can you post the output of "sh run" from the 6500?


Yes as per Rezas post can you post the running config just remove your passwords need to see more information what way its set to try and make a call further on whats happening , this should just work by default once your vlans are up/up and there is no acl applied to the interfaces

Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

As the other have noted, your 6500, with your hardware, should have routing already enabled (and as others have also noted, don't believe it's possible to run such as just L2).

If clients cannot ping each other between the two VLANs, I would suspect you have a host/client GW issue, i.e. is gateway defined on the hosts or is proxy enabled on the SVIs.  (You do have SVIs, correct?)

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